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Having taken the online program has definitely distinguished me from other applicants because it underlines my interest in health professions education. I can honestly say this program is the single most important thing on my resume that is getting me interviews.

— Lucas Cruz, M.D., Health Professions Education Graduate

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Dr. Van Hoof was a phenomenal instructor not only in terms of accessibility, but he walked the talk. He showed us just what active teaching is supposed to look like, and we built on our skills every week. I had heard he was a fantastic professor, and now I know he is!

— Jeannie Dodd, Health Professions Certificate graduate

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I highly recommend this program to anyone in the sport management field who is looking to strengthen their leadership skills. Or if you're seeking a new position, having this credential will be a great addition to your resume. The education I received was enormously helpful...

— Lauren Haynie, Graduate, Leadership & Diversity in Sport Management Online Graduate Certificate Program

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