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UConn's online graduate programs are known for their academic rigor, research-informed curriculum, accomplished students, and distinguished faculty. Many of our students earned their baccalaureate degrees at UConn. Many more did not. Now they all share one thing in common! They are UConn Huskies---proud members of UConn nation. Explore UConn's extensive opportunities for online learning and become part of the
growing UConn nation TODAY! You belong here.

Flexible and Convenient

The majority of our students are working professionals with busy lives and competing commitments. Our online courses are designed to optimize interaction with faculty and classmates but unlike a traditional classroom environment, the online delivery method allows you to participate at your convenience. Got kids? Go online after they’re in bed. Work full-time? Study on the weekends. Like to get up in the middle of the night? Go for it; coursework is accessible 24/7. Yes there are deadlines and course milestones, but our courses are designed to provide you with sufficient flexibility to do your best work!

24-7 Technical Support

We provide students with extensive resources and knowledge bases to get started and have multiple levels of technical support to ensure they don't get sidetracked because of technical problems.  We work hard to ensure our technology is fast, reliable, and secure.


HuskyCT, which stands for “Husky Course Tools,” is the name of our online learning management system. The application we use is Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Collaborate with your peers

The HuskyCT learning management system has all kinds of tools that allow you to interact with other students and faculty, from discussion boards to interactive messaging.  Blackboard Collaborate (TM) delivers a level of engagement that makes learners feel like they're together in the same room via video collaboration and conference tools.  You’ll not only learn from the professors, but from your colleagues too, the vast majority of whom are working professionals with real-world experiences to share.

Organized in modules

Each week, students are presented with a new module, which focuses on a specific topic. Each module follows the same format and includes delineated rubrics, so you’ll have explicit guidelines regarding faculty member expectations and know exactly how much each assignment or weekly task contributes to your grade.


We want all students to be successful.  That’s why all of our courses embrace principles of universal design with multiple means of representation that provide learners with various ways of interacting with other students and faculty and acquiring information and knowledge.

Why UConn?

All of our courses are designed and taught by the same UConn faculty that teach students in on-campus programs. Because UConn is an R1 Research University (the highest designation of research activity) you can rest assured that all of our academic programs feature the most relevant and latest research-informed content. Our faculty have national and international reputations and are recognized subject matter experts.

Online program credentials, whether a graduate degree or a graduate certificate, are first and foremost UConn credentials. Graduates of online programs are eligible to participate in annual commencement exercises just like their on-campus counterparts. Graduates of online programs become part of the same large UConn family, now more than 250,000 alumni strong! Just like every undergraduate and graduate degree our students earn, every online degree and graduate certificate we award bears the signature of the University of Connecticut—it’s your assurance that your credentials come straight from one the nation’s Top 25 Universities.

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  • The GIS training I received was important and helpful in providing a foundational understanding and skill set, especially of ArcGIS. If you have an interest in GIS, I think you'll find that earning this certificate is well worth the investment.

    — Frank Griggs, Geographic Information Systems Online Graduate Certificate Student

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