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2407. The Short Story

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: ENGL 1007 or 1010 or 1011 or 2011.

Grading Basis: Graded

The short story as a literary form with study of significant Continental, British, and American writers. CA 1.

Last Refreshed: 08-DEC-22 AM
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23 1010 This course is designed to introduce students to the short story as a literary form. We will focus our attention on how stories work, what techniques and devices authors use to achieve certain types of effects on readers, the various components of narrative fiction, the difference between authors and narrators, and the importance of irony in the study of any kind of narrative text. The course, which includes short stories from a range of periods and authors, invites students to engage with these stories through formal writing assignments, discussion board posts, and a final examination testing reading comprehension. Students will also read theoretical texts and pieces of literary criticism, which they will apply to the assigned stories. Authors covered in this course include the following: Nathaniel Hawthorne, James Baldwin, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Shirley Jackson, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Edgar Allen Poe, Gabriel García Márquez, Alice Walker, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Jorge Luis Borges, Ambrose Bierce, Herman Melville, Franz Kafka, Stephen Crane, and George Saunders. This is a fully asynchronous course that demands students with exceptional organizational skills and drive. While students will have opportunities to meet with the Professor during office hours, there are no class meetings and virtually all feedback comes in the form of assignment rubrics and written commentary. Catalogue Description: The short story as a literary form with study of significant Continental, British, and American writers. CA 1. Codr, Dwight 21/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
24 1051 To view the syllabus visit this url;
Litman, Ellen 6/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
003 2959 Codr, Dwight 40/40 Spring 2023 Reg Online
20 1298 0/25 Summer 2023 SS2 Online
W23 1039 0/25 Summer 2023 MAY Online