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1070Q. Mathematics for Business and Economics

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: Recommended preparation: MATH 1011Q or equivalent. Not open for credit to students who have passed MATH 1132Q, 1152Q or 2142Q.

Grading Basis: Graded

Linear equations and inequalities, matrices, systems of linear equations, and linear programming; sets, counting, probability and statistics; mathematics of finance; applications to business and economics.

Last Refreshed: 28-NOV-23 AM
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Section Class Number Notes Instructor Enrollment Term Session Instruction Mode
23 1003 To view the syllabus visit this url;
Das, Akshat 21/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
24 1163 Chekeres, Olga 12/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
010 1831 Biro, Michael 227/240 Spring 2023 Reg Online
011D 6850 Shi, Linli 79/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
012D 3465 Do, Anh 76/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
013D 6851 Ma, Xiaohang 72/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
030 14624 Wang, Zhiguo 224/240 Spring 2023 Reg Online
031D 14628 Azu, Stephen 74/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
032D 14634 Zhao, Zichen 76/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
033D 14635 Zhao, Zichen 74/80 Spring 2023 Reg Online
10 1191 To view the syllabus visit this url;
Hall, Katherine
Dharmendra, Chinmay
30/40 Summer 2023 SS1 Online
20 1613 Biro, Michael 27/40 Summer 2023 SS2 Online
Z10 1675 Farzannia, Amineh 11/30 Summer 2023 SS1 Online