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2400E. Introduction to Sustainable Cities

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: None.

Grading Basis: Graded

Pathways to make cities more sustainable from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. Topics include sustainable transportation, renewable energy, recycling of waste, and green infrastructure in contemporary metropolitan areas in developed and developing nations. CA 2. CA 4-INT.

Last Refreshed: 08-DEC-23 AM
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Section Class Number Notes Instructor Enrollment Term Session Instruction Mode
23 1037 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 23/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
24 1009 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 23/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
25 1068 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 22/25 Winter 2023 INT Online
10 1175 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 21/25 Summer 2023 SS1 Online
20 1317 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 25/25 Summer 2023 SS2 Online
23 1040 Atkinson-Palombo, Carol 16/25 Summer 2023 MAY Online
40 2058 Molloy, Quinn 17/25 Summer 2023 SDL Online