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3740. Introduction to Microscopy and Biophotonics

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: ECE 3101; open only to BME majors, others with consent. Not open for credit to students who have passed BME 4985 as Introduction to Microscopy and Biophotonics.

Grading Basis: Graded

Basic principles of modern light microscopy and related biophotonics techniques. Matlab will be used to model various imaging platforms. Topics include geometrical optics; image processing in spatial and Fourier domain; lensless microscopy imaging; light scattering and absorption in tissue; wave propagation; coherent and incoherent imaging; lens-based imaging systems; optical aberrations; phase retrieval; brightfield, darkfield, phase-contrast, and confocal microscopy; holographic imaging; light field microscopy; 3D tomographic imaging; autofocusing for whole slide imaging; two-photon imaging; structured illumination and other super-resolution techniques; Fourier ptychographic imaging; detectors and photon transfer curve; image denoising via regularization; optical coherent tomography.

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