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Arts Administration allows you to use both sides of your brain and to capitalize on the skills you already have as an artist or performer. I am very proud to have earned the certificate and grateful for all the support and encouragement I received from Frank Mack and my other UConn professors.

— Joy Pace, Arts Administration graduate

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My art is still my focal point—I may not be playing or teaching as much now, but I am working towards the greater goal of fostering arts in our community, thanks to the Arts Administration online graduate certificate program.

— Daniel Brandl, Arts Administration graduate

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The online platform was detailed and well organized, allowing us to go at a reasonable pace. Yes, there was a lot of material, and you had to read quite a bit. I have a graduate certificate from a highly reputable university and I got the experience I need to pursue my love of digital animation.

— Bryan Hilversum, Digital Media and Design Online Graduate Certificate, Spring 2017

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